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June - Updates Provided by SFP Regional Managers

Posted on July 28, 2014

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Agriculture is an ever-changing industry with each season bringing another crop planted and another harvested. Each month SFP takes a look back and highlights major field activity across the nation.

Much of the country received scattered rainfall in June as producers focused on sidedressing nitrogen, spraying fields and irrigating.


June brought multiple substantial rain events to the Midwest. In early June, despite heavy rainfall and some crop damage, the Iowa corn and soybean crops had progressed quicker than normal. In Wisconsin, excessive precipitation resulted in flooding and ponding in some fields. This limited fieldwork and delayed the first alfalfa cutting. Throughout the month, producers across the region focused on spraying herbicides and applying sidedress nitrogen. In Kansas, wheat harvest was underway, however, rain and high humidity delayed progress with only 50 percent harvested compared to the five-year average of 66 percent. Additionally, weeds were becoming a problem in thin wheat stands.1


Persistent rainfall hit much of the Northeast throughout June, delaying fieldwork. Producers in Indiana applied sidedress nitrogen and sprayed herbicides and fungicides as weather permitted. The rain held up hay cutting progress early in the month, but by month’s end the first cutting was on par with the five-year average. In Michigan, strawberry harvest was underway and quality was rated mostly excellent. Similarly, raspberries and blueberries were nearing harvest. New Jersey vegetable and herb harvest continued with producers gathering arugula, basil, carrots, sugar snap peas, dill and much more. Producers in New York focused on spreading manure, mowing pastures and fixing machinery.2


The South received scattered showers throughout the month. Moisture supplies in Louisiana and Mississippi were reported mostly adequate to surplus for both topsoil and subsoil. The Louisiana peach harvest was 55 percent complete, 12 points ahead of average. By month’s end, the Mississippi watermelon crop was almost completely planted. In spite of rain events, which helped fill ponds, the majority of Oklahoma was reported in drought conditions. The winter wheat harvest was rated 89 percent complete and mostly in very poor to poor condition. In some areas of Texas, the cotton crop was beginning the squaring phase, while the cotton in the Upper Coast area began to set bolls.3


Intermittent precipitation occurred across the Southeast. In early June, the Alabama producers continued planting peanut, cotton and soybeans with cotton and soybean progress behind normal. In Florida, oranges and grapefruit had reached golf ball size and larger. By mid-month, the Georgia harvest had begun and quality was listed in mostly good condition, 86 percent. The corn crop in South Carolina was reported at 91 percent silked and 65 percent in good condition. The Kentucky winter wheat crop was 96 percent mature and 71 percent harvested, seven points behind average. Virginia producers focused on planting soybeans and harvest the first cutting of hay.4


Most of the West experienced predominately dry weather during June. In early June, drought conditions continued across Arizona with pasture and rangeland conditions reported mostly in very poor to fair condition. The Idaho potato crop was rated 77 percent good and 12 percent excellent condition by mid-month. California cotton producers continued to irrigate and cultivate as the crop began blooming. Nice weather pushed fieldwork in Colorado and progressed sorghum planting to 78 percent with 73 percent in fair condition. Montana producers had moved the majority of livestock, both cattle and sheep, to summer pastures. Cherry harvest was underway in Oregon in between rain showers. Additionally grapes were slightly ahead of schedule and rated in excellent condition.5

1-5U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economics, Statistics and Market Information System. 2013. World Agricultural Outlook Board, (WAOB), Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin, 101 (23-26).

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