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Verdesian Life Sciences Aligns To Meet Customers’ Needs

Posted on November 21, 2014

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Cary, N.C. (November 4, 2014) – Balancing current needs while keeping an eye on future possibilities is a familiar practice for most businesses. In order to complete the task, Verdesian Life Sciences, LLC (Verdesian) is creating a new structure for the sales and marketing teams.
“Our sales and marketing leaders hold the keys to bringing current and new technologies to our customers,” said Greg Thompson, chief operating officer for Verdesian. “To be the leader in the plant health and nutrition market, we need to have the right people with the skills and knowledge in the right places to deliver smart, efficient solutions.”
The sales team leadership includes Mike Blanding and Glen Wiggins moving into roles as vice president of sales for the Seed Treatments & Inoculants division. For the Nutritionals division Dave Schwartz will serve as executive vice president of sales and Steve Dal Sasso and Reggie Underwood both as vice president of sales. Each vice president will work with their team of technical sales representatives to meet the needs of distributors, retailers and producers in their territories.
The marketing team includes Ryan Bond as vice president of marketing; Michael Berry serving as senior marketing manager, Nutritionals; and Jim Pullins as marketing manager, Seed Treatments & Inoculants. They will manage the technology platforms and corresponding brands from concept throughout the products’ lifecycle. Responsibilities include developing and executing market strategies for all products and supporting the Verdesian sales team.
“We are excited about the capabilities Mike, Glen, Dave, Steve and Reggie will bring to our sales team,” said Thompson. “They all have been in the business for a long time and bring a wealth of knowledge to our company. Ryan, Michael and Jim bring expertise to the marketing team that will help us understand and provide what the market needs.”
Sales Team Leadership
Seed Treatments & Inoculants
Mike Blanding
Mike Blanding is vice president of sales, Seed Treatments & Inoculants, for the Northern region and is on the Verdesian board of directors. Prior to this role, Blanding was founder and CEO of INTX Microbials, LLC and a regional sales manager for Land O’Lakes. Blanding earned his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University.
Glen Wiggins
Glen Wiggins is vice president of sales, Seed Treatments & Inoculants, for the Southern region. Prior to this role, Wiggins was vice president of sales for INTX Microbials, LLC. Previously, Wiggins served as national sales manager for Seedbiotics/Becker Underwood and as a location manager for Terra Industries. Wiggins earned his bachelor’s degree in agronomy and soils from Auburn University and is a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA).
Steve Dal Sasso
Steve Dal Sasso is vice president of sales, Nutritionals, for the Western region. Prior to this role, Dal Sasso worked as the business development manager with LidoChem, turf and ornamental business manager for Arysta LifeScience and held key sales positions with legacy Syngenta companies.
Dave Schwartz
Dave Schwartz is executive vice president of sales, Nutritionals, for the Midwest region. Prior to this role, Schwartz served as vice president of new product development for SFP, sales manager for Van Diest Supply Co. and as a sales representative and trainer for Ciba Geigy. Schwartz earned his bachelor’s degree in business management and mass communications from Buena Vista University.
Reggie Underwood
Reggie Underwood is vice president of sales, Nutritionals, for the Southern and Eastern regions. Prior to this role, Underwood served as national sales manager for SFP and worked in sales and managerial roles for Ciba-Geigy, Helena Chemical Inc. and Albaugh Inc. Underwood received his bachelor’s degree in animal science from Tarleton State University.
Marketing Team Members
Ryan Bond
Ryan Bond is vice president of marketing for Verdesian. Prior to this role, Bond served as vice president, product and technology development, for Verdesian.  Bond’s previous experiences include market manager for BASF and several years in marketing with Loveland Products, Inc./Crop Production Services. Bond has an MBA from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and a Ph.D. in soil science from North Carolina State University. Bond earned his master’s in crop and soil environmental science and his bachelor’s in agronomy from Clemson University.
Michael Berry
Michael Berry is senior marketing manager, Nutritionals. Prior to this role, Berry served as vice president of business relations and director of marketing for SFP. Berry earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism and advertising from the University of Missouri, Columbia.
Jim Pullins
Jim Pullins is marketing manager, Seed Treatments & Inoculants. Prior to this role, Pullins spent time as a sales representative for INTX Microbials, LLC and held sales positions with Becker-Underwood and Monsanto. Pullins earned his bachelor’s degree in animal science from Eastern Kentucky University.
About Verdesian Life Sciences
Founded in 2012, Verdesian Life Sciences offers patented biological, nutritional, seed treatment & inoculant technologies for high-value specialty crops, row crops, and turf and ornamental markets. Verdesian’s plant-health products, nutritional catalysts and seed treatments/inoculants help growers farm more efficiently to maximize yields. Verdesian’s technologies answer the needs facing agriculture including increasing pressures on food demand, supply and food safety. Verdesian remains committed to the research and development of environmentally sustainable products. Further information about Verdesian is available at
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