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National Ag Day Celebration

SFP and Ingredient Partner To Support Harvesters BackSnack Program

Posted on March 19, 2012

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National Agriculture Day was held March 8 with numerous producers, organizations, universities and corporations celebrating and spreading the importance of agriculture to the world. In 1973, the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) started the Ag Day program with the purpose of increasing public awareness of agriculture’s integral role in society.

This year, SFP partnered with Ingredient restaurant in the Park Place business community, near SFP headquarters based in Leawood, Kan., to promote Ag Day. Ingredient pledged to donate 5% of their daily sales to the BackSnack program through Harvesters Community Food Bank, and SFP pledged to match Ingredient’s contribution. The BackSnack program supplies underprivileged children with nutritious food for the weekend when meals may not be available to them until they return to school the following week.

SFP placed literature in the restaurant with facts about the importance of agriculture in everyday life and the need for contributions to the BackSnack program. Additionally, Miss Kansas State stopped by to promote agriculture to customers.

Due to the great response, $1,000 was donated to the BackSnack program at Harvesters on behalf of SFP and Ingredient. SFP and Ingredient will partner again next year, and SFP hopes to expand public participation to celebrate Ag Day and continue to create agriculture awareness throughout the community in 2013.

Ag Day Facts

Watch SFP’s Ag Day Tribute to growers across America.

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