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National No-Till Conference Attendees Share Manure Insight

Posted on March 19, 2012

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Listening to innovative growers from across the country provides an understanding of the agricultural industry and fertilizer market from the grower’s perspective. During the 2012 National No-Till Conference (NNTC), attendees provided feedback on awareness, perceptions and attitudes regarding manure fertilizers and fertilizer efficiency products.

Of the 216 growers surveyed, 43% said they use manure as a source of fertilizer. When asked what type of manure they applied, 36% of growers said poultry, followed by dairy and beef both with 35% and swine at 26%. Additionally, a large majority, 65%, of growers said they self-apply manure on their farms instead of hiring custom applicators.

The NNTC survey results show manure is an important fertilizer input and a variety of types are being used. With the amount of growers utilizing manure as a major source of nutrients in their fertility programs, proper manure management also should be top-of-mind. That’s where SFP’s new product, More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager, referred to as MTM™, will benefit growers across the country. MTM is the first and only product to protect both phosphorus (P) from lock-up and nitrogen (N) from leaching, denitrification and volatilization in applied manure. MTM maximizes P and N in all manures and litters – both dry and liquid. Increasing availability of these valuable nutrients can lead to yield increases and better overall crop performance.

See NNTC Survey Results below.

Do you use manure as a source of fertilizer?           If you apply manure, what type?


Do you apply a fertilizer efficiency/additive?           Who applies the manure?


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To read the More Than Manure press release, click here

To hear what people are saying about MTM across the country, click here.

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